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Unherd of Reliability

Taranaki Dairy Farm’s dependable partner

After 60 years in the business, farming is second nature for Ray Collins. Based in Taranaki, in New Zealand’s North Island, Rowan Farms is a 300-acre dairy property.

A short ten-minute drive from the snow capped peaks of Mt Taranaki, Mr Collins needs equipment he can rely on in this unrelenting natural environment, which is why he turned to Kubota.

“I was actually one of the first people to buy a Kubota in Taranaki. In 2007, I saw one at a local show which piqued my interest. I did a bit of research and ended up purchasing a Kubota M110. Needless to say, I was blown away by how reliable the machine was, and I haven’t looked at purchasing another tractor brand since,” Mr Collins said.


Always having a skill for mechanics and engineering, Mr Collins is currently working on building a crusher for feed from an old rock crusher.

“Our farm is pretty much self reliant. We own an 18-tonne bulldozer, a digger and a concrete truck with no engine, which we drag around the farm with a Kubota tractor. This self reliance has allowed us to improve our production levels dramatically.”

Rowan Farms dairy is mainly used to produce powdered milk and cheese, perfectly suited for the North Island’s cool conditions. After 60 years on the farm and with a breadth of life experience under his belt, Mr Collins knows the importance of quality machinery.

“I have driven my fair share of tractors over the years and, when it comes to Kubota, I have complete peace of mind getting behind the wheel, knowing it will get the job done.”

Over the years as Rowan Farms has grown, so has Mr Collins’ collection of Kubota tractors.

“As we’ve increased our acreage and farming operations, it made sense to expand our Kubota fleet.

We’ve now got the Kubota M7152, MGX 110, and a thirty year old 7580 that still runs just as well as the new models.

“While productivity is a key factor, I really enjoy just driving my Kubota tractors around the farm as they are easy to handle and drive smoothly.

“One major reason why I’ve stuck with Kubota is value for money. For a lot of other brands, you have to pay an arm and a leg for their machinery, which is not often a viable option for farmers.

On top of that, you’ve got to add the mechanical and service issues, which I often hear other farmers grumbling about.

“When purchasing a Kubota, I know I’m making a valuable investment, at an honest price for a machine that will last.”

As Ray has taken a step back on the farm, Herd Manager Gurpreet Ladhroia has taken a more active role in running the day-to-day operations.

“I don’t have to worry about Gurpreet or myself breaking down in the middle of a paddock when using Kubota tractors. My thirty year old 7580 runs like a dream, which says a lot about the brand.

“For anyone asking my advice on a tractor, I’d recommend Kubota every time. Ask any farmer, the number one thing they look for when buying a tractor is a reliable machine at a fair price, which is exactly what you get with Kubota.”


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